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We welcome you to Funchbox.com

Sharp and Smart Enterprises Pty Ltd is an Australian innovation company that has revolutionised the common lunch box by delivering innovative solutions to meet consumer needs around the globe. Through government and corporate technology, Fun-ch Boxes® products are designed to keep your food cool and fresh for those busy little bees, from preschools to college, which delivers to find a purpose that suits your lifestyle.

Launching our BPA free Fun-ch Boxes® will totally rejuvenate the lunch box with exciting games, puzzles and activities integrated within the lid, but not limited to as a logical process came from thinking outside the square -”Food for thought” – anything that provides mental stimulus for thinking intellectual nourishment food = Fun-ch Boxes®.

Fun-ch Boxes Healthy Alternative

Fun-ch Box® provides the commitment by making mealtime more enjoyable for our young generation around the world with all walks of life.
Through our exclusive innovation lunch boxes that feature popular everyday interactions that represent our latest global fashion statements, We discovered Fun-ch Box® gives our customers lunch time products that fit their personal appetites with a personalisation effect.
At Sharp and Smart Enterprises Pty Ltd, our mission is to make everyday lunch a little more special by creating safe, innovative and fashionable products that add a touch of colour with a difference of fun, health and education to schools around the world.
  • Food Safe
  • Fun for kids
  • Easy to clean
  • Eco Friendly
For more information about becoming a Fun-ch Box® supplier, please feel free to email; info@funchbox.com.

Within the core of our business, we share the same values and goals toward helping the global epidemic issue with a proactive campaign solution by offering an affordable, quality product based on its purpose, morals and principles by changing a stagnant marketplace by promoting the health and well-being of our consumers by launching Fun-ch Boxes® to the global market.
Our Fun-ch Boxes®, are a world first in relation to lunch boxes. We include the exclusive food nutrition diagram which are under government guidelines on the inside of the lid of all Fun-ch Boxes®, which will enable parents and children to manage his and / or her’s own calorie intake and proper food nourishment.

Developing Fun-ch Boxes® as a passionate enterprise by encouraging a positive message in the food storage module to focus on a Two (2) litre lunch box, by being different from our nearest competitors by growing your reputation with patented innovation, reliability and quality by mitigating any risk.

With an indubitable bright future, the Fun-ch Box® brand represents innovative, high-quality products that help simplify life style changes which will develop a major presence through our wide array of choice for a healthy long term relationship with our loyal customers.
To date, Fun-ch Boxes® have been recognised as a potential leading brand by having a positive impact throughout the lives of our customers, retail clients, suppliers and other corporate partnerships in showcasing community leadership together in supportive of our objectives.
We are committed to ensuring that Fun-ch Box® continues to stand for durable, innovative products that help simplify the lives of people every day and will continue for many years to come by getting involved in local communities is the foundation of our purpose.
Our company’s mission is to strengthen nutrition awareness in communities with such a proactive launch with our exciting Fun-ch Boxes® that will enrich the lives in reaching our segmentation markets around the world.
Healthy Families

Kids and adults alike will love our interactive lunch boxes. You will find Fun-ch Boxes® offers the worlds widest range of easy clean, non toxic, waste free lunch box choices.

Every significant product has a unique design that promotes its individuality through our vibrant colours, graphics and function in making a world first global fashion statement. All Fun-ch Box® lids or magnetic mats are interchangeable between family or friends. As the magnetic mats have a sliding function, it will allow Fun-ch Boxes® to be dishwasher and / or microwave safe.

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